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Why did you guys make the mates suck again?

Question asked by Matthew Gray on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Edward Poole

So before, I was able to select two planes on two parts and the planes would align and nothing else. Now when I do the same thing the two parts move really close together and I have to manually move then again just to make another mate. This sucks...It is taking more time to do the same thing. I have all the "extra" mate settings turned off so please don't ask about my settings. They haven't changed in 4 years and this hasn't happened until 2017. Why Dassult? Why? Why can't you just make the software work better using less resources instead of jam packing more junk into the software and giving 8 different ways to do the same thing. We all learn how to do things one maybe two ways and then we stick with it. This is such B.S. Why not try making a slimmed down version for once...where there is one way to do something (the easiest way) and get rid of the rest of the garbage you stuff in here so that we don't have to go to half a dozen places to change settings to get it to act like an older version of solidworks that we are used to and like.