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My gears are changing its mated teeth position on its own in Motion Studies!...

Question asked by Brielle Lee on Feb 4, 2017



I'm having (had this trouble for weeks! very frustrated.) this gear teeth matching problem.... Honestly, I know how to mate them, and when they are mated, there is no problem. At least in Model tab. Once I go to motion studies(not always....) or close the file and reopen the next time, add other parts, work on couple mates, whatever I do, next second, I realize the teeth are not matched correctly. I did nothing to it to cause this problem, but solidworks just decided to change the position like it's alive! So, I calmly either delete and remate or suppress it and then unsuppress it after positioning the teeth correctly. These worked until now at least for the model, but yesterday, teeth repositioned again, and I couldn't fix the problem.


When I suppress it and reposition the teeth, it would move and once I unsuppress it, it looks like it worked, but when I refresh it with red/green signal icon, it goes back to wrong position and goes back to the exact wrong position.



I even fixed the gear designs, rotated cutting so the plate can have mid of the teeth or mid of the valley? surface. It changed the gap between the teeth a little, but didn't fix the problem. Does anyone know what can influence the gear mate?