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Is it possible to fix a part only for a couple seconds and then float it again?

Question asked by Brielle Lee on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by Brielle Lee

Hello. I'm trying to show 3 DOF at one joint (consider ball and socket joint) in one animation.

I had trouble dragging the parts to show exact movement I wanted due to many degrees of freedom.

Mate controller was recommended, but I have SW2015, and buying 2017 is not an option for me as of now...


So! I thought about fixing the parts as much as I need when I need them to produce 1 DOF movement, and then make them to float again so the next DOF can work. First part worked good, but when I made those fixed parts float, and fixed other parts, I saw errors because this new fix/float was applied from the beginning, 0 to n sec...

Is there a way to make certain parts fixed for 0 to 10 sec, and then make other parts fixed for 10 to 20 sec?