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    Preserve sketch relations after replacing "assemblies saved as parts"

    Ben D.

      Say there is an assembly called "Tool assembly" with lots of parts (so many that fully resolved assembly is unmanageable). I want to design a packaging for it. In order to do that, I save the "Tool assembly" as part with the name "Tool assembly part" with "Preserve geometry references" option turned on. Then I design the packaging, and name it "Packaging assembly".


      "Packaging assembly" has the "Tool assembly part" on top in the feature tree, and all other subassemblies, parts and features below it.


      Later the "Tool assembly" gets changed. I save it again as part with the name "Tool assembly part renewed". I go to "Packaging assembly" and replace the "Tool assembly part" with "Tool assembly part renewed", and all the entities for mates gets recognized (faces, planes, etc.).


      But all the in-reference sketches goes out of context. Is there a way to preserve them?

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Ben ,


          a little of your question was cut off but I think I got the gist of it.


          I would not use save as part for assemblies that are going to change, this is generally a function used of assemblies from outside sources as after you save as a part you are dealing with bodies.


          I understand you were doing this to save some of your assembly performance but there are many other more efficient tools for this, I assume since you are utilizing preserve reference geometry you are using SOLIDWORKS 2017 so have you tried Speedpaking instead?


          in SOLIDWORKS 2017 we can save planes, sketches and curves inside of Speedpaks so they are very easy to use and will probably yield the most dramatic performance increase to your assembly.


          also make sure all your part qualities are set to a reasonably low setting to reduce graphics triangles and use the Assembly Visualization tool under the Evaluate tab on the command manager to troubleshoot slow to open and slow to rebuild parts and assembles.