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Any techniques for efficient low-poly model building please?

Question asked by Daniel Cane on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2019 by Kevin Spencer


I'm looking to build low-poly models to output ultimately to Pepakura Designer to then build in paper / card.

NB: These are the file formats Pepakura Designer recognises btw:


So far I've experimented by:

Exporting an .stl from SW and using MeshLab > Remeshing, Simplification & Reconstruction > Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation to step down the number of polygons. It works OK, but there's no control really apart from the # of polygons.


This is the kind of magnitude I'm after in terms of # of polygons.





I wonder if anyone has tried this before...?


If I were to try alone, my first effort would be to string a big web of 3D sketched lines together with minimal relations into the wireframe, then fill in the spaces between them with surfaces... I think that sounds sensible but only a first blush, and untested. With this method the polygons would need to all have 3 sides, otherwise the surface between them wouldn't be flat, so wouldn't translate to card.


Thanks everyone!!