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2017 RMB menus different or missing

Question asked by Matt Mengel on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Matt Mengel

IT recently installed 2017 SP1. They indicated it is an upgrade not a new install so it essentially replaced the 2016 on my box.

I backed up my settings before the install, restored them after.

I am having a difficult time with the transition due to the way that I work and the changes to the menus when I RMB.

The biggest issue I have is in a model I RMB in the tree and the menu is not at all what I expect to see. The functionality I am expecting is gone.

For example, I have a model with equations. I used to RMB on the equations folder and had an option to edit the equations. Now I get:

Roll to Previous

Document Proporties

Hide/Show Tree Items

Collapse Items

I used to get these if I clicked in an open area in the tree but not a specific item in the tree.

I don't have any idea how to get to my Equations now.

In the past I could RMB on an extrusion, for example, and get an icon to edit the feature, edit the sketch,  edit the sketch plane, etc... I see this is now a Left Click thing.

I can't see how that is helpful.

In a drawing I could RMB on the drawing icon and get the icon to access the sheet proporties. That menu is missing as well.

I could come up with many more examples but suffice to say, I'd just like to get back to working.

I would at least like access to the missing information. Some of the RMB menu changes actually add to the clicks I have to make.


Is there a setting to get the menus that are missing back? How do I access my equations?


EDIT - Of the four of us in my department, I am the only one with this issue.