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Creating PDF of released drawing with identical document number by task on remote host

Question asked by Harald Timm on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Harald Timm

Boundary conditions:

PDFs and Office documents can be added to the vault in different Workflows, this is declared by a variable on the datacard: ECR, APQP, 4EYE, BEP, NONE

So before a PDF can be checked in, the user has to declare to which document class the new PDF or DOC/XLS belongs.


Situations: users w/o SolidWorks are unsatisfied with eDrawings as app and they Need to Forward released drawings to suppliers. They need immediate Access to a neutral Format of the SLDDRW.


Idea: create a PDF during Release transition of the drawing. The PDF, converted by the Task can get the same Status and the same document number.

Any user can see a PDF of the latest released Version (even 3D PDF would be an idea!)

Users w/o SolidWorks don't mess with running changes, because only the released is readable for them, they don't about "15/17".


Problem: the new PDF won't check in automatically except : an API is programmed or the dispatch is used.


Disadvantage of dispatch: here it's not possible to Transfer a source variable to a Destination variable --> with dispatch it's not possible to get same state and same number as of the souce SLDDRW.

And usually, the PDF Needs to be classfied before first check-in.




Does anybody already had an idea to solve this?