"Fluctuating" display states

Discussion created by 1-8CE-291 on Nov 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by Paul Ranieri
I would like to highlight some parts within the overall arrangement of my assembly.

So I have a default display style of "Hidden lines removed" and then went to each part to be highlighted and with the "display pane" changed it to "Shaded with edges" and its colour to red.

The assembly now looks like I want so I saved the display state.

I then created a drawing and inserted my "current view". within the properties I set the "Display state" to my generated one and so far looks fine. However as soon as I move about the drawing my display state changes to the (default) "hidden lines removed". By toggling to another display state and back again I am able to get back my desired display state but it never stays.

Print preview gives the default display state but not what I want.

Can anyone help please?