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Checkout Location - is there any logic to it?

Question asked by John Wayman on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by John Wayman

Can anyone explain the logic behind where Solidworks decides to put stuff when I check it out of WPDM?

Just a few moments ago, I asked to check out and open an assembly. SW said, OK, but I'll stick it in your 'Documents' folder.

So I remonstrated with it and explained that, No, I wished to have my assembly checked out into the directory where all the other parts of that project reside, in a sub-directory of my 'Documents' folder.

All well and good, my assembly went where I wanted it to.

A few minutes later, I asked to check out another assembly belonging to the same project. Guess where I wanted it to go! Yes, the same project folder under my 'Documents' folder. Imagine my surprise (irony!) when SW decided this assembly should be checked out into a completely different sub-folder of a sub-folder of my 'Documents' folder, belonging to a completely different project.

How does SW decide where to check stuff out to? I could understand if it had a default. I could understand if it was 'sticky' so it went where I last put it. I could understand almost anything except what it does, which appears almost random.

I'm sure there is some systematic thing going on, but I can't fathom it.


More Pro/E envy. I miss my Working Directory command.


This is just one of lots of things about Solidworks that seem to have no purpose other than to fill me with rage. These all work, bug-free, in every release I have tried! Things like the recurrent 'This mate won't work, do you want to Cancel? Tough, I'll do it anyway', the incomprehensible inability to make datums on the fly, the sad fact that it is easier to give up and start again than it is to sort out any kind of mate error, etc. Yesterday, I had to make one particular coincident mate 5 times before it became serious enough that it was still there after a save/close/reopen cycle. And don't even get me started on the drawing package.

Sorry, this was meant to be a serious question, but it has descended into a Friday rant. Well, it's the build-up over the whole week of irritation, not just Friday.


SW2016 SP5, Windows 10, WPDM 2016 sp5, WPDM Server 2016 sp4


I look forward to an explanation of exactly why things go where they do.