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    Display/Delete Relations tool in 3D Sketch

    Maha Nadarasa

      You can see Display/Delete Relations drop down menu does not have "Fully Define Sketch" tool in 3D Sketch environment. Is there any particular reason for this?



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          Ryan Dark

          This is speculation but I have never seen any designer define a 3D sketch with the level of dimension detail as that function tends to make (like the image below) which would lead to relatively few requests of the software design team to add that functionality.  I don't even see an enhancement request for this which could mean you are the first to publicly express interest in having that.


          It being an uncommon request means the software development team wouldn't put any time into a coding a 3D solver for the "Fully Define Sketch".  Also, coding a 3D solver for this is likely much more complex than the 2D version that exists currently (and complexity is prone to failure).

          Fully Define.PNG