Ed Gebo

Want a Bacon Brotherhood t-shirt while at SWW17

Discussion created by Ed Gebo on Feb 2, 2017

Didn't get the chance to order your t-shirt yet?  Well, come get one while you are at SWW17!




The plan is to hide one tee on Monday, and the other one on Tuesday.  I'll give hints via Twitter to where you can find the tee, you sleuth out the location.  The first clues will more difficult and will gradually get easier as the day progresses.  Look for or follow me on Twitter @edsonius and the search #baconbrotherhood to find the clues.  When you get the tee, have your picture taken at the booth it was found, and post it up on Twitter.  Make sure to use @edsonius and #baconbrotherhood when you post the pic.


Have fun, see you soon!!


The co-president of the Bacon Brotherhood!