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Solidworks Addin Issues

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Feb 2, 2017

Im trying to make a Solidworks addin but i am being plagued with issues. so i tried using the template but it dosent delete the com's when you clean the build so when i make changes to items they ether dont change until i manually delete the com or it makes two. I have created my own and it creates and removed the com's but the


        Description = "Morgan Olson Addin",

        Title = "Morgan Olson",

        LoadAtStartup = true


dosent work so i always get SWattr is null.


I even went as far as i took the one made from the swapp template and on i made from Class Library template and made the solutions properties the same and the assembly.cs the same and all the coding the same and and the one made from the swapp template wont clean its COM's and the other gets SWattr is null