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When is Enough, Enough?

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Feb 2, 2017
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After having some problems with SWX2017 SP1.0 that EV SP2.0 isn't solving I have reverted to using SWX2016.  Not really a problem, but there are some things in 2017 I came to really like and now miss.  However, I have a job to do and 2017 was costing me more time dealing with the problems it caused than I could tolerate.


Today must be Monday for SolidWorks because I was doing something simple and 2016 crashed.  Run the Rx and try again.  Crash.  Run Rx and try again, this time saving after every successful step.  All I was doing was changing the fixed position of the first part in a simple assembly to where the whole assembly was mated to the primary planes and centered the way I wanted.  Everything was Jake until I tried to do the last mate, a coincident mate of a plane in one of the parts to the Front plane of the assembly.  Even if these were not parallel I should have only gotten a mate error, but instead consistently got crash after crash.  Up to six now in the span of 25 minutes.  Yay!


Normally I just run the Rx and maybe choose the circle for "Yes, I've seen this before" without adding a description of what I was doing.  Here is today's:

I've used SolidWorks ever since the first version, 1995, and brought it into every company I've worked for and influenced other companies to go to it as well.  My advocacy was often called upon by the VARs.  The software, when it works, is terrific and a joy to use.


But after 20 years and getting failures on something this simple I do not know how much more I can take.  I can do a changeover to another package for less than what we are currently paying in maintenance so there is NO financial reason to stay with SolidWorks, at least not in dollars the owner will see.  Converting to another package is not as hard as it sounds if you've done it before (as I have a couple of times in my career).  I'd rather stay with SolidWorks, but my patience is being tried; my loyalty has been pi$$ed away by the crap we're getting.


I've about had it up to here:

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