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Solidworks 2016 SP5 Nvidia Quadro issue

Question asked by Dvir Solomon on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Dvir Solomon

Hi ,

hope someone here can help me.

i have :

hardware Dell Percision 5810 workstation with Nvidia M2000 card and OS win 7 pro 64bit

software SolidWorks 2016 sp5


2 main issues

     1. when i move a model , the model itself bleep.

     2. on design tree when i move between levels,  the model does not refresh until i move the mouse over it.


have tried :

     1. change Nvidia driver version.

     2. burn in test for card (passed with no issue)

     3. change performance in nvidia control panel

     4. uninstall solidworks and reinstall it

     5. tried uninstall windows updates


before i try format computer maybe someone can help me solve this issue.


1 work around i found is to turn off openGL hardware support , meaning using software openGL.

but this solution makes drawing process very slow.


thank you