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    BOM not showing right part numbers

    Greg Welch

      Since we started using SW2016, I've run into a BOM glitch I haven't seen before, or at least not as prevalently.  If I create a BOM on a drawing, part names frequently come in wrong unless the assembly has been set to resolved.  The parts that come in wrong are parts that have been renamed at some point.  For example, we may have used Part A in Assembly 1.  In Assembly 2, we decided to use a modified version of Part A, and create a copy of the file and call it Part B.  When I create a BOM for Assembly 2, Part B will show up as Part A if Assembly 2 is in the lightweight condition upon the creation of the BOM.  In case it matters, the BOM field that shows the part number is linked to the file name through a custom properties field.  The value in the custom property field is $PRP:"SW-File Name".  Does anyone know what's going on here?

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Despite this particular issue, I wouldn't recommend doing a BOM of an assembly that is not fully resolved.

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            Greg Welch

            Fine.  But why is this suddenly a problem?  Rather than putting this on me, why don't we find out what changed?  It's galling when software is changed for the worse and it's treated like it's the users' fault.

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                Rick Becker

                Greg is correct and makes a Great point.


                SolidWorks has been degrading with each release. We accept it because it's only one more small inconvenience to our personal workflow. We are very good at developing a work around and then sharing that work around. Problem solved.


                Until you look back and evaluate just how many ways our workflow has changed over the years and then realize we are the frogs and Dassault is boiling us.


                This years Top Two of the Top Ten should be a wake-up siren clanging loudly in Dassault's ears. Is it?

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                    Jim Steinmeyer

                    Speaking of which, are the top 10 listed somewhere? You prompted me to look and see what made the top and the section where we voted is locked.

                    If I recall correctly, one was a request to stop the new features and fix what is already there. Created by someone from SW, at least someone is on our side up there.

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                        Greg Welch

                        I'd like to see the list, too.

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                          Rick Becker

                          I stole (copied & pasted) this from Jeff Mowry (Thank you Jeff) from this thread...

                          Grab the Top Ten Stuff You're Interested in Before it Disappears


                          SWW 2017 Top 10:

                          1. Focus more on fixing bugs, 212, Matthew Lorono, 18576 Views
                          2. Substantially increase stability in SOLIDWORKS, 150, Matthew Lorono, 480 Views
                          3. Allow Zero Thickeness Geometry (ZTG),  81,Chris Clouser, 414 Views
                          4. Improve the performance and quality when importing large IGES and STEP files, especially when there are tiny surfaces in the model, 80, Shaodun Lin, 1644 Views
                          5. Completely release memory / GDI handle when file is unloaded, 77, Shaodun Lin, 501 Views
                          6. Export BOM with Model Thumbnail included in Excel file, 69, Shaodun Lin, 1935 Views
                          7. External Reference graphical display (like Treehouse), 62, John Matrishon, 225 Views
                          8. Automatic Fastener BOM Creation without physically insert the fasteners into the assembly, 59, Shaodun Lin, 2626 Views
                          9. Bounding Box Values for any parts and assemblies, Ferenc Gergo, 480 Views
                          10. Fully integrated Sub-D modeling tool, 55, Shaodun Lin, 2178 Views
                          11. Search engine in Material Library, Toolbox and Engineering Database, 48, Csaba Hetyei, 221 Views
                          12. Reuse centerlines without Convert, 48, Ferenc Gergo, 162 Views
                          13. please enhance healing for imported models > please add CADFIX to SWX, 45, Ulrich Hanisch, 137 Views
                          14. Undo/Redo - Un-Limited/Un-Restricted, 45, Rick Becker, 742 Views
                          15. It should be possible to unfold a bent tube like a sheet metal part, 41, Manuel Michel, 137 Views
                          16. PDM : : I, O, Q, S, X, and Z should be excluded in Revision letter, 39, Jiun Chen, 987 Views
                          17. PDM card editor: Undo button, 38, Craig Schultz, 110 Views
                          18. please add system option to display breadcrumbs directly at the mouse without pressing D key, 38, Ulrich Hanisch, 146 Views
                          19. SolidNetWork License Manager: license usage statistics, 33, Deepak Gupta, 174 Views
                          20. [---Missing Second Page Here---]
                          21. Version / Revision Cleanup and remapping tool for SWPDM, 21, Shaodun Lin, 2840 Views
                          22. Improve performance and robustness of Direct Editing Tool, 21, Shaodun Lin, 736 Views
                          23. The "What's Wrong" dialog box Should have Links to Each Specific Problem, 21, Rick Becker, 164 Views
                          24. Ability to use end points of sketch lines for Hole Wizard holes, 21, Ferenc Gergo, 112 Views
                          25. Paint and other coatings, 20, Chriss Saller, 87 Views
                          26. Solidworks Error Report - Feedback, 20, Andreas Rhomberg, 159 Views
                          27. Make cutlist information available to the BOM without API wizardry, 20, Jim Steinmeyer, 108 Views
                          28. please make import diagnostic available also if model file was saved after first diagnostic, 20, Ulrich Hanisch, 38 Views
                          29. Ability to copy Control Logic when editing data card, 20, Zoltan Svebis, 62 Views
                          30. Roll Back Bar and Freeze Bar grip size, Daen Hendrickson, 61 Views
                          31. Make the Top Ten Lists Still Available After SWW, 20, Dennis Dohogne, 84 Views
                          32. SOLIDWORKS for Mac, 19, Ferenc Gergo, 121 Views
                          33. Give the Relations Pop-up in Drawings, 19, Glenn Schroeder, 69 Views
                          34. Ability to use a flexible unit system and converter in Simulation like in Flow Simulation, 19, Csaba Hetyei, 44 Views
                          35. Allow backward compatibility between service packs of the same major version in Flow Simulation, 19, Julien Boissat, 35 Views
                          36. Import files from Tekla Structure BIM software, 19, Dennis Dohogne, 96 Views
                          37. Option to Paste Images Directly into a reply, 19, Deepak Gupta, 728 Views
                          38. New SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tab and slot feature, 18, Julien Debes, 107 Views