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    diameter dimension leader style keeps reseting

    Michael Gera

      For some reason, starting relatively recently, every drawing that I open has the diameter leader style set to "Solid Leader".  I prefer "Open Leader", and have been changing the document properties of my drawings to this setting.  However, I realized today that when I go back into a drawing that I'm certain I had changed it in, the diameter leader style has gone back to "Solid Leader".


      Is this a bug, or an I missing something?






        • Re: diameter dimension leader style keeps reseting
          Rick McDonald

          Did you recently upgrade or install a service pack?

          It sounds like your settings are different in your template and if you did an upgrade it would have overwritten the old templates if you hadn't saved them in a different location than the default.

          If you did save them in a different location than the default, and you upgraded, the settings in the options for file locations may have been reset to the default instead of the location you use.

          Have you done a Copy Settings Wizard save of all your settings in the past (the way you liked your setings)?

          If you did, then you have a settings backup that you can restore. - but save your current settings before you do that or it will overwrite your current settings.  I always put a date on my saves and keep a series of them over time so I can always go back to an earlier setup.