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    Having trouble converting from Surface-Imported1 to a sheet-metal part

    Dustin Newstrom

      I need some help here, i've been working at a company that deals with sheet metal and i've been taking over the sheet metal aspect of the parts that come in here.

      We get parts from customers as an (.stp) file at times that contains every part in the product their making. Lets say I want to convert this door that's attached to this posting. How would I go about this?  I've been using solidworks for a few years but just started using the sheetmetal tool about 3 weeks ago, i've learned all i can through youtube, but this one is stumping me. I can heal all the import diagnostics, then i convert to sheetmetal by selecting the the largest face with the most bends Thickness .105". While that face is selected I click on the Collect All Bends button under Bend Edges, Click the green check and when I click on Flatten it keeps telling me that (This part contains features that cannot be unbent.) It won't even flatten the part at all. It would really help me out here at my new job if someone can help me understand this issue for future parts, and models. (BTW I have lots of these to do over the next few days for our customer, if not i'll be creating each one from scratch )


      Thanks All, Dustin

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          Dennis Bacon

          Dustin,, The issue you are having is undoubtedly the result of the corner reliefs just not quite being large enough for SW to process the bends. There are several ways to work around this. What I did is make the bend radius slightly smaller. From .105 to .100. Probably could have used .104 or so.f I personally use a minimum bend radius in my models, something like .001 but that is a different story. In order to accomplish what I did with your part is to delete with the patch option each of the outside bends. This will leave you with sharp corners all around the outer perimeter which you can select (one by one)

          when you convert to sheet metal. This whole process can be done very quickly.

          Hopefully the "lots" of panel you have to do are as simple as this one. I would imagine there may be other issues you may have to deal with.