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static simulation

Question asked by Jason Xu on Feb 1, 2017

Hello Guys, I currently work on a model like the following one. There are (2) forces pushing on the body-half along the purple arrow, the rollers are the only parts that push the gear and interior lapping tool. The inside of the lapping tool body is pushing down on a shaft (not shown) which contacts with the ID of interior lapping tool. The gear (ring-gear) and lapping tool are actually (2) half bodies that push together, there are (2) gaps at 3:00 and 9:00 of the ring-gear.


To do the static simulation finding out the contact force between roller and gear, I make the fixture of fixed hinge to the pivot shaft of (2) body-halves, and fixed hinge to ID of the interior lapping tool. The global contact is set to bonded, the contact sets between the rollers and gear are set to No Penetration. Is there any chance that I can get the correct result?


Any advice is highly appreciated! Thank you very much!


simplified model.jpg