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Whitespaces around dimension text after resizing dimension text font

Question asked by Andrew Muller on Feb 2, 2017

I have the issue that I am getting additional whitespaces at the start and finish of dimensions. This is causing the dimension to show incorrectly when the dimension is outside of the leaders as the extension line is too long. This is happening because I have reduced the size of the text from the standard to 1/2 size as this is standard for our company.

Clip 1.JPG

This also affects how the dimensions are added to annotations. In this image there are no spaces between the '-' and the start of 'Drilled' with the dimension added by clicking on the existing dimension. As you can see the note looks poorly spaced out.

Clip 2.JPG

I have tried playing with all of the settings within the Document Properties > Dimensions dialogue box and none of these seem to affect this. Does anyone know of a fix to this?