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    Minimum possible distance between parts

    Asa Eckert-Erdheim

      Is there a way to have SolidWorks mate two surfaces to their minimum achievable distance given other constraints? General summary is:


      I have a shaft that is free to rotate. At some point in its rotation, a fastener on that shaft comes close to hitting another part. So far, I've rotated the parts manually and measured the minimum distance to ensure they clear, but am attempting to find the actual minimum distance. Is there a reasonable way to do this?

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          Frank Ruepp

          Hi Asa,


          you could use "Dynamic Clearance" with the Move Component command.  When you are over a component in the graphics area you can click the RMB and you should see the "Move..." command:

          However as far as I remember "Move..." is not turned on in the default RMB menu and you might want to turn it on so that you get this command whenever you use the RMB over an assembly.  If you do not want to customize your RMB menu you can manually expand it and you should find the command from there.

          After you have selected "Move..." you should see the Move Component PM and you can activate "Dynamic Clearance", select the two components you are interested in and you should get a dynamic dimension on screen that automatically updates whenever you move one of the components:

          You can also specify a minimum distance the manual movement should stop.


          This is not exactly what you are looking for but it is at least an easier way to get the distance between two components.


          Kind regards


          SOLIDWORKS Product Definition Team