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How to identify missing mate references

Question asked by Matt Camacho-Cook on Feb 1, 2017
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I have large assemblies with several mates that have been broken due to part geometry/faces changing.  Unfortunately, these mates do not show up as errors in the feature tree and only show up as greyed out (but not suppressed) in the feature tree.  I'm struggling to find a way to identify these via the API.  I've tried the following example from the help, but it does not provide any useful info to show these problematic mates: 2013 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get Mates and Mate Entities Example (VBA) .


I have also tried IFeature.GetErrorCode2(), but this returns 0 for no errors and False for the IsWarning (since they aren't showing up in the feature tree as errors).


Example mate that has lost its references:


Editing the "Tangent23" mate:


Is there a way to retrieve the mate selection names above so I could search "**External**Face" and see that I have an error?  I'm on SolidWorks 2013.


Paul Ryan seemed to have a somewhat similar question with API and Missing Mates .


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