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Subassembly in assembly won't move

Question asked by Hanneke Reuvekamp on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Jason Young

Hi guys, i'm building a officeroom and downloaded a solidworksfile of grabcad.

It is a door and it is an assembly. I build this subassembly of the door into my assembly of the office room. Now i want to make an animation through the office but the door won't move.


If i open the door in his own assembly or via isolate, then it moves, but in the whole office assembly it won't. It has mates with the wall it is in. Even after deleting all this mates with the wall, it is not working. I set the part to flexible, so that won't solve the problem. I constantly get the message that the door is fully defined, but i don't get how.


I also checked the list of external references and locked all of them. This is also not working.


Can somebody help me to get the door moving?