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Bitmap Image List

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Andrew Braham

How do I create a Bitmap Image List. I am trying to add my own icons to my Solidworks Addin and I followed the instructions i found on to create Bitmap Image Lists but when I add them to the addin there are not recognized. I have been searching online for a while and i cant seem to find anything on the topic. So is there any way to take a list of separate bmp files and create a  Bitmap Image List.


The files I have made are of the appropriate size and work as individual bitmap files its just the list I'm having issues with


In the addin code this is the code im working with to call the bitmap files


            cmdGroup.LargeIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwCSharpAddin3.ToolbarLarge.bmp", thisAssembly);

            cmdGroup.SmallIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwCSharpAddin3.ToolbarSmall.bmp", thisAssembly);

            cmdGroup.LargeMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwCSharpAddin3.MainIconSmall.bmp", thisAssembly);

            cmdGroup.SmallMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwCSharpAddin3.MainIconLarge.bmp", thisAssembly);