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Creating a Bond of Togetherness at #SWW17 with #CoffeeClique

Discussion created by Deepak Gupta on Jan 31, 2017
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The SOLIDWORKS World #CoffeeClique began at #SWW15 as a Vegetarian, Kosher, & Halal alternative to a certain other SWW sub-group when William and I contacted each other with similar interest (including SOLIDWORKS). 


We were looking for an opportunity to create some friendly competition and maybe even a little  rivalry, all while enjoying one of the world’s great beverages.  We also felt that coffee and tea are an easy way to bring people together and create a friendly environment to share their views. This was also in an effort to reduce the number of people eating breakfast alone. (Seriously, that should not be happening at SWW!)


We wanted a name that would be inviting and recognizable to beverage connoisseurs everywhere. It took a lot of time and effort, but in a racehorse named ‘Coffee Clique’ we eventually found the perfect combination of the qualities that unite us as SOLIDWORKS CAD jockeys (yes we're CAD Jockeys).  Those qualities are [structural] strength, [rendering] speed, and beauty [in motion analysis]. 

Unfortunately William and I won’t be attending the #SWW17 this year (dang!! we are already missing you all) but Malay would be carrying the torch for the #CoffeeClique at #SWW17 along with Todd and Jade (“double whammy”)

If you’d like to be part of this friendly group, just look for #CoffeeClique table flag (attached to this post) every day at breakfast.  It’s your ticket to friendly conversation, lively debate, and really great beverages. The #CoffeeClique is more than an opportunity to satisfy your caffeine addiction, it is a chance to connect with people from around the SOLIDWORKS World and have fun while doing the stupid things with more energy.

Just post a message to either the #SWW17 app, Twitter, or other social media with the hashtags #SWW17 and #CoffeeClique along with a picture of you and your favorite beverage (not necessarily coffee, we don’t discriminate) and grab one of these cool ribbon!!