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    Problem creating Solid Mesh

    Alex Worsfold
      I have an interesting problem with simulation that just happened today...

      Earlier i started a study, was able to define and create the mesh just fine, ran the simulation with h-adaptive meshing and got an answer. I then modified the geometry, tried to re-mesh and it would not complete... I looked at the failure diag, it said surface mesh completed, volume mesh failed... no matter what i did (reducing element size as small as it would go) the mesh always failed.

      I then tried a test to see if it was my geometry or not. I created a simple part, 1x2x3in and tried to create a mesh, if anything this should mesh!!! STILL the mesh fails, same error (surface mesh completed, volume mesh failed). I tried removing the SRAC folder from the registry, and also the SolidWorks folder, still nothing... Tried uninstalling simulation, and re-installing, still does not work on a new 1x2x3in part. WHAT GIVES???!!! The only mesh that WILL work is SHELL mesh, and BEAM mesh... What am i missing? I don't get it...

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Dell Precision 490
      WinXP 64bit (SP2)
      Solidworks 2009 SP1.0
      4gb RAM
      Quadro XF 3450 (driver 175.51)
        • Problem creating Solid Mesh
          Steven Dinsdale
          As for the first study did you try right clicking the study and clicking update all components after you updated the geometry?

          I have no idea why it won't work on a simple part though...sorry
            • Problem creating Solid Mesh
              Alex Worsfold
              yes, i did try "update all components" without effect...

              I also tried running simulation express on the same simple part... the mesher gives me the same error, tries to cut the element size by half, and i can hit "run" again... still fails every time.

              I remember in older versions, you could change the default mesh engine used... I dont see this option any more? I had a Dell M60 that i had this happen on, simple solution, long time to figure it out... its got to be something as simple as a registry switch...


            • Problem creating Solid Mesh
              I got exactly the same problem, looking for a solution...

              Solidworks 2009 x64 SP1.0
              Vista X64
                • Problem creating Solid Mesh
                  Adam Sandler
                  Try changing the path to the results folder and make sure you have full write permission to whatever the results folder is. I know it sounds too simple, but I had the same problem and this was the solution. For some reason either SolidWorks of Vista was changing the write permissions.

                  Hope this helps,
                    • Problem creating Solid Mesh
                      Report this to your VAR. I have seen another issue with h-adaptive that could be related. I ran h-adaptive but it did not converge on a solution on first loop, so I tried to run it again, but it would not in 2009 Sp1. Worked fine in 2008 Sp5. I reported it and they said it is a bug.
                      • Problem creating Solid Mesh
                        Alex Worsfold
                        WOW IT WORKED!! The results folder was set to the document folder, but for what ever reason it would not work that way anymore. I set it to a specific folder and it works everytime now... It must be solidworks setting the permissions of the folder or something because im not on Vista (XP64bit).

                        I have reported this to my VAR, but i thought i would run it past a few more eyes to see if anyone had a better solution than uninstalling everything, deleting registry keys, and reactivating. Thanks for the help guys!