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I want to add asome sort of texture to my SOLIDWORKS model so when I 3D print the model it can be seen and felt

Question asked by James O'Reilly on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Chris Dordoni

My name is James O’Reilly and I am currently undergoing an undergraduate teaching degree at the University of Limerick and I making a teaching resource as part of my final year project (FYP) under the supervision of Adrian O’Connor. The title of my proposed FYP is ‘Augmenting Physical and Virtual Realities using Quick Response Codes: A Teaching and Learning Resource for Materials Technology (Wood) in Second Level Education’. The purpose of the FYP is to create a 3D printable resource package that teachers can use to print their own resource providing that they have a 3D printer and to assist them during their lessons and to encourage active learning in the classroom. It is clear that Junior Cycle MTW is under resourced and my aim is to enrich the learning experience for the students by creating a creative and clever resource.


I've attatched of an example of they type of model i'll be attempting to create. Obviously I want this model to be as realistic as possible but considering this is my Final Year Project and I need to get it done in the next 8 weeks I would settle for a representation. My biggest concern is the Bark, It dosent have to look completely organic. A though i had today was creating a load of lofts, I've attatched a picture of an example of one i found online


Anyway please take into account that I'm comitted to this project now and "Not Possible" could destroy me haha. Let me know what you think