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Copy an existent Sketch into a Macro

Question asked by mapea ralia on Nov 26, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by Matthew Wafler
I hope somebody can help me with this matter.

I have recorded a macro to build a sketch from the scratch which it has several arcs, lines and trims. Turns out, that when I run the macro the trims do not work. The sketch appears with all the lines and arcs without the trims.

Therefore, I decide to record a macro to copy and paste this sketch that was built and located in other file. The problem is that when I run the macro the sketch I pasted it does not appears. However, I reviewed the macro and I saw that the arcs, lines I pasted are there.

I run out of options. I wonder if you can tell me another way to do it or perhaps you can tell me if I am missing something in the two processes I applied.

Thanks in advance.