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eDrawings 2017 will not display decals (most times)

Question asked by Steve Neff on Jan 31, 2017

SolidWorks 2017

eDrawings 2017


We insert a jpeg of artwork as a decal on the appropriate face of the part to display it on the drawing. The drawing views are Shaded and for the past few years the parts' decals have shown fine in SolidWorks and in eDrawings on both the local and network side. We recently updated SW and eDrawings to 2017 and now in eDrawings the parts' decals show on my local side but none on the network side. My coworker has some parts' decals show up on his network side in eDrawings but not all of them. Another coworker reported seeing only one part with decals.


The decal folder path is in the file locations for Custom - Decals.

The box for "Store appearance, decal and scene data in model file..." has had no effect, "on" or "off"