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I have some questions about assigning part/assembly properties from the BOM.

Question asked by Steven Mills on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by Steven Mills

This is something that I can get to work, then on another drawing it does not work.


1. I have a BOM that uses the PartNo of a part to fill it. I override that property and keep the link between the part/assembly and the BOM, but the change does not seem to migrate to the part/assembly. Or rather it sometimes does and sometimes does not. Why, and how I can I get this to work all the time instead of occasionally.


2. Related issue, I have a BOM that uses property "Gimba". Not all the parts/assemblies have "Gimba", though some do. I use the BOM to give the property Gimba the value of "Run". I then save the drawing and associated files. On some parts/assemblies the new property appears, and sometimes it does not. What causes this?