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    New Session at SOLIDWORKS World

    Mark Biasotti

      Since many of you have already created your agenda for SOLIDWORKS World,  I want to make you aware of a  new session has been added, this past week,   on Monday at 4:30 p.m. in Room 152 titled: "Master Model Best Practices". I'm looking forward to giving this presentation since I've never presented the subject in-depth. This breakout session compliments Daniel Hertberg's presentation on Wednesday who will be talking more of how to use the MM technique and the mechanics of it. I will be focusing on the what, why, how and nuances of it  and best practices surrounding this sometimes controversial subject.


      Master Model Best Practices

      Session Description: The Master Model Technique is an essential methodology especially in product design but it is often misunderstood and more often misused. I would like to share with you how I have successfully used it with clients that I designed products for and how to communicate a clear path as to why, how and when to use this technique in your designs.

      Session Attendee Benefits: Attendees will benefit by learning best practices for using this powerful technique but also understand how to successfully use it and take away best practices to defend its use - and when not to use it. By better understanding it, designers will be able to create more robust and efficient data structures for their SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.