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Wires not routing with 'route all', diameters wrong when forced to route by component...

Question asked by Caleb Youker on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Loretta Stiurca

I have about 150-200 wires in this project.  All of them route correctly except for 6.


Route all:

Circuit breakers shown here do not route.  Should be 6 wires shown - 3 x 4AWG, 2 x 12AWG, 1 x 8AWG.


So I forced them to route by selecting them and routing by component:

As you can see, the wires are very small.  Most of the other wires shown are 16 or 18 AWG...obviously all of the new wires should be larger, but they are not.

Here are my wire style properties.  Note the 10mm diameter.  This is not what is rendering.


Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong here?