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What do you test before you upgrade?

Question asked by David Mandl on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by David Mandl

Open question to all the CAD Admins on the forum:


What are you testing for before you give the okay to do a major version upgrade your SW deployments?


(I'm presuming that as CAD admin, you've downloaded and installed a local instance of the new version for testing.)


Most of the big concerns for me are:

  • Not really a "test" issue, but re-saving all templates to upgraded version, and have them ready to overwrite (or point to a new folder in system settings) when the switch happens.
  • Make sure that all macros still function in the new edition.
  • See if there are any performance issues with any of your key workflow steps (an example in my case:  see if Pack and Go takes longer on our file sets)
  • Export updated settings via .sldreg file and be prepared to distribute when you switch over.
  • ... and this is where I start running out of things to do.