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    simulation fatigue materials not available

    Aaron Plaza

      when i run a fatigue simulation, why are the materials all grayed out?  I have all my components defined in a fatigue study with standard and custom materials.  I do not have fatigue data for all the parts so ive been using the "derive from material elastic modulus-based on ASME austenitic steel curves" option.  I do have one part that i have the curve for.  However, all my parts are showing as one material.  The part i have selected should be SAC 305 and not VT-47

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Hi Aaron,

          This is intentional and part of the new simplified workflow for fatigue studies in Simulation. The only actions available through the new Apply/Edit Fatigue Data command in a fatigue study in Simulation are modifying the SN curve or viewing the assigned material's properties. If you wish to apply a different material, you must do so in the associated static study (or studies) and re-run the study prior to setting up the fatigue study.


          - Siavash