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Greenville, SC looking for leader

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Nov 26, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2008 by Mickey Dorsey
We've got a defunct user group that was very successful that needs a new leader. Greenville, South Carolina is a technology hub with a lot of active SolidWorks users, and we need someone to step up to the plate and lead this user group.

There is a bit of momentum already established, so you wouldn't be starting from scratch, and you'll have plenty of help. Christine Longwell of Trimech and I want to see this happen. She is working on getting the Clemson International Center for Automotive Research, with several hundred seats of SolidWorks to agree to host the meetings.

The group already has a Yahoo group with a list of participants (

We will shoot for a meeting early in the new year.

All we need is an enthusiastic volunteer. Step right up!