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    My task pane has gone blank and I can't seem to bring it back to life so I am looking for suggestions. Other links have not paned out and SW does not give custome support.

    S. Horton

      Help anyone. I have searched the web, searched SW forums, and search for help from SW. No luck.


      Around November/December 2016 my Task Pane went blank and would not move. The four icons are just hanging in the upper right third of my screen.

      I am running Windows 10 on a Surface Book. I have used a second monitor, but typically just use the Book as a standalone.

      I have removed and replaced SW 3 time. The last time, I completely removed ALL files and subdirectory.


      If anyone has any ideas or help, PLEASE let me know, there are other out there with this same issue.


      Thanks for any input.