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My task pane has gone blank and I can't seem to bring it back to life so I am looking for suggestions. Other links have not paned out and SW does not give custome support.

Question asked by S. Horton on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Steve Sorensen

Help anyone. I have searched the web, searched SW forums, and search for help from SW. No luck.


Around November/December 2016 my Task Pane went blank and would not move. The four icons are just hanging in the upper right third of my screen.

I am running Windows 10 on a Surface Book. I have used a second monitor, but typically just use the Book as a standalone.

I have removed and replaced SW 3 time. The last time, I completely removed ALL files and subdirectory.


If anyone has any ideas or help, PLEASE let me know, there are other out there with this same issue.


Thanks for any input.