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Transient flow and Heat Transfer for composite material

Question asked by Austin Thomas on Jan 29, 2017

Hello all,


I am trying to perform both a flow simulation and a heat transfer simulation of a rocket nozzle to get an idea of the temperatures experienced by the part over a 13 second burn time. I am fairly new to heat transfer simulations and so far I have been unable to get the heat transfer aspect to work. I am currently using an external flow simulation, but have also tried internal flow. The flow characteristics I have achieved seem to be correct, but the heat transfer I have yet been able to figure out.


The fluid properties:

Composition: mixture of gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor

inlet pressure of 300psi (2.068MPa)

inlet temperature of 3000K

mass flow rate of 1.5kg/s.


Outlet to atmospheric conditions:




The two materials I have is graphite, and 6061-T6 aluminum shell.


Transient: physical time of 13s, time step of 1/24 sec.


I want to simulate the fluid flow going through the nozzle, and see the convective heat transfer from the hot gases transfer to the graphite, and conduct through to the aluminum over a 13 second burn time. This setup is difficult to achieve analytically so I was hoping SolidWorks could help simplify.

Attached is my model with my current simulation setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,


Austin Thomas