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    Titan X Fail?

    Robert Bradshaw

      I just upgraded my duel 780s rig to a Titan X/GTX780 Ti combo and the render test I did before and after is a full minute slower??


      All drivers are up to date and the same on both cards, computer registers the card but it sucks!? Was this a waste of $1200?




      -Running 2016 Vis Pro

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          Tom Gagnon

          It may not need the latest up to date driver. It needs the certified driver version, even if it is older.

          See: Graphics Card Drivers | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS


          Kudos to Felice Pasinetti for linking this earlier today so I didn't have to go find it.

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              Scott Ellery

              EDIT : The Titan X relies on the new Pascal Architecture , you will have to upgrade to Visualize 2017 SP1 for this to be supported


              leaving this post for information purposes but Visualize added Pascal support as off 2017 SP1 , it is part of the SOLIDWORKS installation manager this year so no need for a seperate download, if you are on Subscription you can start up the SOLIDWORKS Installation manager and enter your Viz Pro code.


              you also have access to 1 free license of Boost as well with your Pro license on Subs, which you can find from the Customer Portal


              These requirements are for SOLIDWORKS and do not apply to SOLIDWORKS Visualize.


              Not to mention that the Titan X will not be on the list as it is not officially supported by SOLIDWORKS .


              Robert can you post your system info (found under HELP > SYSTEM INFO)


              should look like this



              also make sure that you have your rendering options set to GPU so you are not using any CPU for rendering



              also are you on Visualize 2016 SP0 or SP1?