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    solidworksxpress 2012 not loading

    Marc Sanscartier

      solidworksxpress not loading after fresh install of SW 2012 premium. Click Icons but nothing happens.

      Was working before I reloaded Windows 7 Pro. Been at it for hours, no idea what the problem could be.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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          Deepak Gupta

          Marc there are many Xpress products. Which one of them is not working or do you mean no one is working? Does your SOLIDWORKS gets hanged when you click these Xpress icons?


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              Marc Sanscartier

              Thanks for the reply.

              I only have Driveworksxpress showing. System does not hang. Its just that nothing happens. I tried clicking the icon from different menus, but nothing. Tried double clicking the driveworksxpressdt.exe from its install location on C: , nothing.


              Solidworks seems to function as before, but I do get the occasional error popping up when opening drawings

              "Could not load Solidworks DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll."


              Note: This all started when I wiped hard disk, and did a fresh install of  Windows 7 with all the updates (I did find online that one of the security updates could cause SW addin issues, but I dont see that I have that particular update, so I should be good) .

              I installed operating system on "C", then re-install SW on "D" . I think that may have caused these DLL errors, not sure if it affects driveworksxpress. I uninstalled SW and reinstalled on C: but still same issue.


              Any input is welcomed. Thanks.