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Issue with DLL and rotation

Question asked by Daniel Aeberli on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by Daniel Aeberli

I have been using my SW2014 SP0 on a new computer for about 2 months.

Today it started to have problem with rotating my parts with the scroll wheel.

I have not changed a thing in my setup or options.

I figured it was the battery on my wireless mouse, but no so.

I can zoom fine, rotate with arrows but not the wheel button.

I opened anther file, same thing... new parts as well.

I saved and closed the file I was working on and now when I open it, I get:

"Could not load Solidworks DLL:GdtAnalysisSupport.dll"

The odd thing is that it does it for this file only.

I still can not rotate the parts in the other files even though they open without this error.

I have reinstall SW to no avail.

I have tried some of the online suggestion (.net reload, etc...) without success


Anyone with ideas?