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Get configurations of child components relative to configuration of parent

Question asked by Jana Stahn on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by Jana Stahn

I am looking for a way to retrieve the data that tells me how the configuration of a component influences the configurations of its child components.


For better understanding consider the following assembly:




The components a2 and a3 have two configurations each:

a2 has "a2high" and "a2low",

a3 has "a3high" and "a3low".


I created the assembly in such a way that

1. if a2 is set to "a2high" then a3 gets set to "a3high" (left picture),

2. if a2 is set to "a2low" then a3 gets set to "a3low" (right picture),


If a2 had a design table (it doesn't!), it would contain the column marked red:


That is the information I am looking for.

How do I get it?


IMPORTANT: I want to retrieve that information without needing to activate a configuration. I also want to avoid doing rebuilds. (Performance issues!)



Since the data is stored in a design table (if the model has a design table), one would assume that it can be gotten via Configuration.GetParameters. But this is not the case.


I attached the assembly a2, its subpart a3 and a macro that retrieves and outputs some configuration data. If you run it on a2, you can see that GetParameters (or ConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationParams, which yields the same) does not give the desired information.