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sketch/pattern driven components- not able to select reference sketch

Question asked by Mark Guest on Jan 27, 2017

Am i right in assuming that the pattern driven component command only works with hole wizard created holes. it does not seem to work on extruded holes.  I am also trying to use this feature to copy nuts and washers onto extruded bosses across and non symmetric pattern, but it wont let me.


Tried using the sketch driven component command, and whilst it will let me select the sketch, it does not let me select the reference geometry within the sketch.  the sketch is located in a part that is read only as it is not a part i am modifying.  also when i choose the 'select a point' feature (again will not let me select a point in the sketch) it places the copied nut and washer at a completely different location.


Has anyone any ideas of what i am doing wrong?


I cant see what i am doing differently to the youtube clips i have been looking at, but it does not seem to be working.


I have wound up just copying the parts and mating them into position, which is very poor way of going about it.