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How to flatten a rough curved surface with the surface irregularities(roughness) retained?

Question asked by Amy Liao on Jan 27, 2017

Hello! I  have a curved surface extracted from a scanned turbine casing geometry. The surface now is a surface body with some surface irregularities(roughness) on it. I want to flatten this surface and retain the exact irregularities(roughness) on it so that I could get the flat surface with those irregularities manufactured to do some experiments about the irregularities. Does anyone know how I can flatten this curved surface and retain the irregularities(roughness)? Or how I could extract the characteristics of those irregularities( for example, the height, or the coordinates of the irregularities)? If it can't be done in Solidworks, is there any other software or technique to achieve this?  Many thanks in advance!


The surface is shown in the first picture (the irregularities are like "hole shape", not that obvious though). It is a SURFACE body rather than a SOLID, and what I am trying to do is shown in the second picture.


Solidworks questions.png