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Photoview 360 crashing on win10 at macbook

Question asked by Sebastian Galo on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Mark Biasotti



first of all, I know that the computer is not at all optimal for Solidworks, but I´m a student and need the macbook for my everyday life and design/music-projects also. I can´t afford an extra PC just for Solid..


The thing is, both mine and my classmates (got the same modell) macbook pro retina 15" (2015/2016) keeps on crashing every time we are closing our rendering window. Also the fans in the computer going for max rpm directly when starting the render tool, it sounds like an airplane going off in the classroom... Even with really simple rendering and low resolutions/options. We both using bootcamp and windows 10. The GDI reaches about 1500 in normal performance when rendering, but it crashes evert time we are closing the window. So it should be something else here..


I have tried the following:


- Update to the newest drivers

- Install all the Bonjour files, even for printers

- Get rid off every bonjour file

- Change the GDI object limit level to 30.000 instead of 10.000

- Change to software OpenGL in Solidworks, only makes everything very slow and it does not render as it suppose. Lots of glitches and graphic issues.

- Erased and changed some graphic card files I found in some guide for making Solidworks more stable at macbook


But nothing is working. Im about to make a new install now for everything. I´ve got Solidworks 2016 edu, and win10 as I said. Is there anything I should do when installing to avoid problems? Is the only solution to buy a new computer with quadro card? I´m getting tired of this..


Any helt is much appreciated!