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    Wont save assembly linear pattern

    Nicholas Smith

      I have an assembly with 3 configurations in it. I have some other assemblies that are linear pattern in all configurations in this top level assembly. When I switch from configuration to configuration the linear pattern goes orange and the direction and path has to be re selected. I save this from configuration to configuration. If I close the assembly and open it back up, the linear pattern direction and path is not selected.


      Please help

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Without seeing the model, and only going by your description, I'd guess that you used a model edge for the pattern direction, and the software is losing this edge when you switch configurations.  If this is the case, edit the linear pattern and choose something that won't change.  When I pattern components I almost always use one of the three primary planes (when using a plane for direction in a linear pattern the components will be patterned in a line perpendicular to the plane), but if you need a different direction then create a sketch and use a sketch line for the direction, making sure that the sketch is active in all configurations.