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Pack & Go saves copied files to wrong destination folder. Why?

Question asked by James Harvey on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Elmar Klammer

When I use Pack & Go to copy a drawing and related files, some of the copied files are saved in folders other than the folders I specified in the P&G window. Does anybody else experience this?


Along with the drawing, I am taking 2 top level assy's and several sub-assy's related to one of the top level assy's.


  • The 'saved as' file location results seem to be somewhat random.
  • The P&G was initiated from the open drawing of the source project.
  • We use MS Windows Explorer for file management, no EPDM or other data management software (a whole other issue...rather not go there if at all possible...).
  • Files are stored on a network.


Below is the P&G window showing the filename changes & spec'd 'save to' folders. I'm copying files from source project folder TRL368 to destination project folder TRL377-378


Below shows the results of the P&G. I noticed this time that CONTROL CAB and above went to the proper specified folder, including one of the sub-assy's '..BULKHEAD'. Everything below CONTROL CAB (all being sub-assy's of CONTROL CAB) went to the higher level folder of the source project. This P&G listing order looks like (and probably is) a clue but it is not consistent. I have noticed in the past a similar result, the difference being that the misdirected files were saved to the correct destination project but at the upper level folder rather than the specified sub-folders. This is the first time I've noticed the P&G listing order as a possible clue...


Only the CAB BULKHEAD ASSY made it into the correct sub-folder called 'BACK PANS'.


This behavior is nothing new to me, I have previously just dealt with it & moved on. I am finally taking the time to seek a solution to a frustrating time waster.

Does anybody else experience this and is there a solution?



James Harvey