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Surface Cutting Tips and Tricks Needed

Question asked by Alex Spurgeon on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by John Christensen

Our engineering department is trying to find faster ways of cutting to surfaces - we spend a lot of time repairing and fiddling around to produce nesting, and we are desperate for a more efficient solution.

Many of our customers are in the automotive lighting business and the surfaces can be incredibly complex. We must convert them from Catia files and nine times out of ten they come in with thousands of surfaces, many of them broken. Our engineers spend a ton of time knitting and offsetting just to make a nest. Bottom line is this - I don't like when a highly skilled engineer is spending time on what should be a simple task. We pay our engineers to come up with creative ideas to difficult solutions, not fighting software features to get the job done.


I think we are going about this all wrong and I am confident there is a better way. Any tips on cutting to complex surfaces would be appreciated!