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Non Linear Simulation data/file corruption

Question asked by Marcus Merideth on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Marcus Merideth

Is anybody else having issues with data corruption or file corruption?  Working with a rubber component trying to get the model to run. I have run numerous simulations on the same model.  After some number of runs, the model starts developing contact and surface issues.  All the components are native to Solidworks (redrew them from CATIA data).  If I pack and go the model without simulation data and change the names, it works again for awhile and then starts freaking out again.  Trying to run numerous simulation with the batch option seems to make it happen faster.  The batch files always fail with some odd error.

Wondering if I have a computer issue or a software issue.




attached is a screen shot of the latest failure.  Model had run for over 1 sec of the 2 sec run time previously but failed in 36 seconds of run time with no results when trying to do two models in batch run.