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Help with an Issue....Tables/Properties Linking

Question asked by Jason Koonce on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by S. Casale

I have made a General Table with two values on a drawing.  The Cell A1 is equal to the variable SCPN (which is a check box that assigns 1 or 0). The cell B1 is an IF statement     =IF(A1="0";`Customer Part Number`;" ").  This populates a part number in B1 when A1 is equal to 0.  I would like to edit a note on a drawing that will show the value of B1.  If A1 is 1 then the note is blank.  If A1 is 0 then the  note will display the customer number.  Can you even have a note reference a table in a drawing?  Thanks in advance for the help!!