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How can I mate a cyclic pitch mechanism in Solidworks 2016?

Question asked by Diego Fung on Jan 25, 2017

Hello Solidworks community,


I'm trying to mate the roller to the cam in this propulsion mechanism (youtube link: cpt assembly flipper 8 RPM - YouTube)   Basically, I want the blade pitch to change every time the rollers reach the "hills", as seen in Figure 1 (see attached). I was able to do the animation of the mechanism using an interpolated motor. However, this process is very tedious and time consuming because you have to tell Solidworks when to change orientation of the blade. As you may imagine, the longer the video, the more data points you need to define the motion of the blades. Thus, do any of you know if I can use some sort of mate to create this mechanism without having to use the interpolated motor in  Motion Study? Thanks in advance.