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Question asked by Jonas Concepcion on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Chris Cunningham

I may have missed something but as I understand the cutting plane / section view functionality in Visualize merely cut the mesh of the model but does not cap it off resulting in being able to see into a hollow body with zero thickness walls. This is well illustrated in the below screen cap from SOLIDWORKS 2017 – A Little More Visualization #SOLIDWORKS #VISUALIZE | Michael Lord



I am trying to find a work around using Visualize that will achieve the latter effect and animate it. I have created my parts in solid works in two halves so that they would import as two separate bodies in Visualize. There is zero space between them and when everything is opaque they appear seamless. However when I transition one half and start reducing opacity, I get some odd dark artifacts at the seam. See below.

Capture 2.PNG


This is a recessed light fixture. The intent is to start the animation below the wood ceiling. The camera pans up as the ceiling transitions into a section view showing the components within the wood.


Any suggestions are welcome.